Wrongful Death Claims in Washington, D.C. | What You Should Know

One should know who can bring a wrongful death lawsuit in the nation’s capital. In the District of Columbia, the decedent’s personal representative, i.e. executor, must file suit. He or she can do so on behalf of the decedent’s spouse, children or parents. If your loved one died as a result of another person’s negligence, please read on, then contact an experienced Washington D.C. wrongful death lawyer to learn what you should know about wrongful death claims in Washington, D.C.

What damages can you seek in a wrongful death claim in Washington, D.C.?

It should go without saying that only the family or the estate can receive monetary awards to compensate for economic damages resulting from the death. Such entities can recover a variety of damages in a wrongful death lawsuit, including the following:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical bills, including emergency care, related to the deceased’s last illness or injury
  • Lost wages and benefits the deceased person would likely have earned had he or she lived
  • Loss of care, education, training, advice and other services the deceased would have provided to his or her surviving family members

How long do you have to file a wrongful death claim in Washington, D.C.?

According to Washington, D.C.’s statute of limitations, you typically have two years, from the date of the person’s death, to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Exceptions apply, but you should not rely on the district’s civil courts granting you extensions. If you lost a loved one to another person’s negligent or wrongful conduct, you should reach out to one of our skilled Washington, D.C. personal injury lawyers to discuss your next steps.

What can a Washington, D.C. personal injury attorney do for you?

Pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit can be time-consuming, complicated and stressful, especially since you are already grieving the loss of your loved one. A knowledgeable and tactful Washington, D.C. personal injury attorney will fight for the compensation you and your family may be entitled to due to a third party’s negligent or wrongful conduct. Our firm will help preserve the rights of you and your loved ones while ensuring that you see to your responsibilities as they pertain to this case. With a qualified legal professional from our firm working on your behalf, you will have the best possible chance of succeeding. Very few defendants will own up to their wrongdoing and pay what they owe, so please give us a call today.


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