Washington, D.C. Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Putting a loved one in a nursing home is a significant decision. For some, round-the-clock care is the best option. Aging and ailing family members need a safe environment and that is one of the biggest reasons people turn towards nursing homes later in life. The families that send their loved ones to nursing homes trust the staff to provide a comfortable life where a person can live a dignified life. Unfortunately, there are times when abuse and neglect are present and families are devastated by the effects. If your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect, it is important to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. Trombly & Singer, PLLC has over 30 years of experience helping families recover damages for injuries and deaths brought on by neglect. Contact our firm to discuss your legal needs.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Serving Washington, D.C.

Nursing home abuse is one of the worst betrayals of trust. No one wants to leave their loved one in a nursing home, but sometimes, it’s the only option. At that point, all you can do is hope they’ll treat your loved one with the respect and dignity they deserve. Unfortunately, often, this doesn’t happen.  Sometimes, nursing home staff is careless. In other cases, residents are harmed for more malicious reasons. Regardless, if your loved one was harmed in a nursing home, there’s a strong chance you’ll have a valid claim, and you can depend on a Washington, D.C. nursing home abuse lawyer from Trombly & Singer, PLLC to help you bring that claim.

Common Types of Nursing Home Injuries Due to Abuse/Neglect

No one wants to imagine that their loved one is being neglected or abused in a nursing home, but keeping an eye out for some trademark signs of neglect and abuse can potentially save a person’s life. Just some of the most common types of nursing home injuries we see are as follows:

Taking Action

If you’ve noticed any of the aforementioned potential signs of neglect or abuse, you should take action at once. Fortunately, there are a variety of things you can do to protect your loved one. To start, if your loved one is in immediate danger, you should call the police and ensure your loved one receives the necessary medical treatment. You should also notify nursing home management and report the incident(s) of abuse to the Department of Health. You may also fill out the Nursing Home Complaint Form or call the Nursing Home Complaint Hotline at 1-888-201-4563. If you can, you should try to document the unsafe nursing home conditions before they have a chance to clear them away, such as by taking pictures or videos. Finally, if you believe your loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, you should retain the services of an experienced Washington, D.C. nursing home abuse lawyer from Trombly & Singer, PLLC who can fight for the compensation you and your loved one deserve.

Statute of Limitations

The phrase “statute of limitations” refers to the amount of time a person has to file a lawsuit against another person or entity. In Washington, D.C., victims of nursing home neglect or abuse (or their loved ones) typically have three years from the date the incident of abuse occurred to sue the nursing home facility responsible. Waiting longer than three years will most likely result in them losing their right to sue. The best advice regarding bringing a personal injury claim is simply not to wait. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to recover your rightful compensation. Trombly & Singer, PLLC is prepared to fight for you today.

Contact a Washington, D.C. Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Our lawyers work with clients who have nursing home injury claims in Washington, D.C., Baltimore City, throughout Maryland including Prince George’s County, and, with the assistance of local counsel, in Virginia and other jurisdictions. Contact our Washington DC nursing home injury attorney to set up a free initial consultation with one of our firm’s lawyers.

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