Client Reviews

"I am glad I chose Trombly & Singer and will again if needed. They've been a big help to me. I will recommend anytime and anywhere. Thank you, Dan & Ken!"Ray B. - April, 2019

"Great to work with and broke down everything for me to understand step by step. They had my best interests first. Wouldn't change a thing!"Tarik L. - April, 2019

""My case was professionally handled and in a timely manner. Lawyers and paralegal were very cordial. I have no complaints and will recommend the firm to anyone that needs counsel.""Ms. Okiyi - March, 2019

"Trombly & Singer should be your first call when confronted with the difficult decision to pursue legal compensation. Ken, Dan & Grace were a 'dream team' with total focus on achieving the best results for me. Thanks again for all your time, effort and consideration."Richard B. - February, 2019

"I used their service and highly recommend. Professional team they have!"Jasur K. - January, 2019

"If you find yourself in need of catastrophic injury lawyers, the team you need is Trombly and Singer. This team of lawyers goes above and beyond to ensure that you get the best results, that will last you a lifetime. When you are in need of lawyers in a delicate situation you need the BEST. The best choice that you can make is having Kenneth Trombly and Dan Singer represent you."Charles M. - October, 2018

"Thank you for all of your time and help with my case! The team at Trombly & Singer is super responsive and always made time to discuss my case."M.W. - August, 2018

"100% satisfaction. Thank you!"Tamara R. - August, 2018

"Mr. Singer along with Grace took on an old case I had and was able to get the federal government to settle whereas the lawyer I had before them gave me a runaround. Thanks for all you do."Greg W. - July, 2018

"I've worked with Trombly & Singer for about 10 years. Always a great experience. I've referred all my family and friends. They are always pleased as well."L.T. - July, 2018

"Mr. Singer and this law firm never gave up the pursuit on our behalf. They never lost sight of the bigger picture. For that, we are forever grateful. Keep doing what you're doing for your clients!"Theresa B. - June, 2018

"Great Lawyers & Staff. No improvement needed. Just continue helping your clients and making sure justice is served. Thank you again, Dan Singer! You rock!"M.A. - May, 2018

"I was very satisfied with the responsiveness, effectiveness, and professionalism. The outcome and experience were excellent. I've already recommended you to a friend who was injured in a bicycle accident in the District. "K.W. - April, 2018

"I keep hearing that personal injury claims are tedious and not worth the effort a lot of the time. That was not my experience when working with Trombly & Singer. They employ themselves with an honest group of professionals that pride themselves on getting the best result. I would highly recommend Trombly & Singer for any personal injury case you may have."Einar - March, 2018

""Working with Dan Singer and his staff was a pleasure. They were personal and efficient, which I really appreciated."  "Chris M. - January, 2018

""I love these guys. I would refer anyone to them. They have excellent customer service and are really about their clients""Shawnyell R. - November, 2017

"Trombly & Singer is the most professional, outstanding law firm I have ever dealt with. Thanks for your excellent service and I wouldn’t hesitate to use your law firm again!"Tracy S. - September, 2017

"I was very impressed with the firm’s excellent responsiveness and professionalism. Great service!"M.A. - August, 2017

"Mr. Singer has a lot of patience and understanding. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and I would recommend Mr. Singer and his firm to anyone in need of an attorney."E.H. - July, 2017

"Ken Trombly not only secured a great result for my case, but he was also always attentive, helpful, and generous with his time and assistance, even regarding matters outside of the case. I could not have asked for better."M.L. - March, 2017

"Thank you so much to Trombly & Singer for all you have done through this process! We are truly grateful and wish you all the best. Rest assured that we will recommend you and the staff to anyone that asks for an awesome attorney."Raquel C. - January, 2017

"Trombly & Singer is an outstanding organization — very professional and easy to work with. Many thanks to Daniel Singer and his efforts for a positive outcome in my case. Thanks again!!"Rickie C. - December, 2016

"I’ve worked with this law firm for many years. They have helped me and my friends and family many times. I have always been happy with the way they have handled my cases because I can tell that they truly care about their clients. If there was anyone in need of a lawyer, I would highly recommend Trombly & Singer."Lorraine H. - November, 2016

"It was my first (and hopefully last) time being involved in a crash, and I appreciate everything that Trombly & Singer did to help me throughout the process. The firm was very responsive and professional, and I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. If this ever happens to me again, I will return to Trombly & Singer for help and I will be happy to recommend anyone I know to the firm as well."E.T. - October, 2016

"Mr. Singer, thank you for your guidance and patience while helping me with the case throughout the process. You really made things go easier than I had anticipated and your thoughtful guidance was truly appreciated. Excellent service!!"L.A. - August, 2016

"They were excellent.  They explained everything in a clear manner so that I could understand what was going on throughout my case.  I am very satisfied with the outcome and would be happy to refer anyone I know to Mr. Trombly."LaTasha A. - May, 2016

"Mr. Trombly was extremely effective, responsive, and professional.  I had an excellent experience dealing with the whole firm, and I was totally satisfied with the outcome of my case.  All in all, I plan to recommend the firm to people I know in the future."Keith A. - April, 2016

"I really appreciate the hard work of Trombly & Singer. After much effort, they really helped me out a lot with a tough situation. They performed excellent work and provided great service!"Sakeenah C. - December, 2015

"Mr. Singer and Mr. Trombly are great lawyers.  They really helped me understand what was going on in my case throughout the process.  Thank you very much, and I will be sure to refer my friends and family!"Andrea G. - November, 2015

"The attorneys and staff at Trombly & Singer were very helpful, professional, and provided awesome communication regarding my case in a timely manner."C.F. - October, 2015

"Mr. Trombly always answered any questions I had promptly.  I was highly satisfied with the outcome they achieved for me, which was even better than what I had anticipated at the initial meeting!"D.V. - September, 2015

"I was very pleased with Dan Singer’s work on my case.  He was very professional and personable.  I would definitely recommend him to people I know who need an attorney.  Thank you very much to the entire Trombly & Singer office!"Carlos H. - June, 2015

"Mr. Singer, I cannot put into words how much I appreciate all that you and your firm have done for me. Thank you is not enough."M.C. - May, 2015

"I was referred to attorney Ken Trombly in November 2009 after I sustained injuries from a vehicle that struck me while crossing the street.  After initial contact, Atty. Trombly took immediate actions to address my medical and administrative requirements that included: physicians (Internist, Neurosurgeons, Pain Specialists); Physical Therapist, hospitals, and rehabilitation center.  During my four year recovery period, Atty.  Trombly contacted me frequently to ensure my medical and administrative needs were handled timely and efficiently.  It should also be noted his legal support staff was readily available to address any questions that required immediate attention.  Atty. Trombly is an outstanding attorney who is customer focused, ethical and strategic.  Atty. Trombly achieved a settlement with the opposing party that was fair and reasonable.  I would have no hesitation to engage Atty. Trombly in any situation requiring legal representation. He is a real mensch."Steve R. - May, 2015

"The staff was always spot on in their performance and courteous at all times.  Dan Singer was extremely professional and worked hard on my case.  I would recommend Trombly & Singer to anyone needing their services!"Dona S. - April, 2015

"Thank you for doing an outstanding job in my case! If I ever need a lawyer again, I will depend on you. Thanks again!"L.M. - February, 2015

"I asked around and Trombly & Singer was highly recommended. Now I know why. After being struck and injured by a car while I was walking, my claim was denied by the insurance company. I asked around for legal assistance and Ken Trombly was highly recommended. I contacted his office and received immediate attention. Ken took the time to listen, accepted me as a client, and promptly got to work on my behalf. The hard work, diligence, and persistence of his team was evident and thorough, resulting in a favorable and substantial settlement. I have no doubt that they went the extra mile for me. I, too, now highly recommend Trombly & Singer to anyone who has been seriously injured."Anthony C. - January, 2015

"The firm was extremely responsive and very knowledgeable. I sincerely appreciate the professionalism and transparency given to my case. Thank you again!"Tony M. - December, 2014

"I picked Trombly & Singer based on some online reviews of their work, and never regretted it. The initial briefing on the process by Mr. Trombly was transparent and clear, the follow-up by Dan Singer was professional and he was always in consultation with me for strategic decisions. The insurance company for the other party initially presented a very low offer, but Dan really went the extra mile, including preparing to go to court, to convince the other party to consider fairer compensation for the damages that they had caused. The final amount was fair for both parties, and I am satisfied with the way this was settled. I’d definitely go back to Trombly & Singer, should any similar situation occur."Greg K. - October, 2014

"Mr. Trombly and his staff were very professional and knowledgeable. I was constantly informed every step of the way!"Ricco C. - August, 2014

"Thank you for your excellent work! I will recommend you to all."B.G. - May, 2014

"I really appreciated the constant communication and dialogue throughout each phase of the case, and the assurance that my case was being diligently handled by the Trombly & Singer team."Beatrice J. - April, 2014

"My decision to go with Trombly & Singer was the best decision that I have ever made. They didn’t settle when the insurance company repeatedly denied my lost wages that resulted from a bad car accident. They stayed in the game and fought hard through the end. I am extremely satisfied with the results. They are the best!"William P. - May, 2013

"I am very happy that I hired Ken Trombly to represent me after I got into a serious car accident. He worked hard to make sure the other driver’s insurance company accepted responsibility, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an injury attorney in the Washington, DC area."Kenneth W. - March, 2013

"Words cannot adequately express my sincere gratitude for Ken Trombly’s commitment and passion in seeing my case through to a successful end. Over some four long years, Ken was a zealous advocate who epitomized ideal attributes as my personal injury lawyer — analytical, strategic, knowledgeable, and extremely insightful. When coupled with Ken’s wealth of trial experience and assembly of team experts, my case resulted in a very favorable outcome. I highly recommend Ken to anyone who has suffered a serious injury, confident that he will work tirelessly to ensure you are fairly compensated."L.H. - July, 2012