Client Reviews

"My experience with them couldn't have been better. I had Daniel Singer representing me and I'm extremely happy about how everything turned out at the end. I appreciate that he accepted my case and that he did such an amazing job. His honesty and dedication from the beginning made everything easier. I will be forever grateful."Laura A. - April, 2021

"My experience with Trombly & Singer has been nothing short of amazing. I write this review from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful for their hard work and dedication and there are really no words to describe how I feel about everything that they have done. Their relentlessness and ambition have kept me from giving up and the constant hope that they provided really made things better. They were attentive, punctual, and always professional. Jasmine was always so sincere and helpful and was always a bright light. They were always available and ready to assist me with anything that I needed. I never felt rushed or as if I was a bother. They made me feel like I mattered and this is something I will never ever forget! This team is truly remarkable. I know some would say that they were merely doing their job, however, it takes more than a Law Degree to do what this team has done. They changed my life and I am forever thankful. I would highly recommend!!!!!!!!!"Kiana B. - February, 2021

"“I cannot say enough about the wonderful representation I received from Ken & Noah Trombly. I had a previous firm working on my injury case and they declined to proceed with the case and I began the search for a new attorney. From the beginning, Ken was confident that we could win, filed with the court, and carefully listened to what I had to say. Noah was always there for me whenever I had questions and worked tirelessly to get the settlement we all hoped for and more. I cannot recommend this law firm enough as they truly care about the people they are representing and will work hard for you.”"Stacie H. - December, 2020

"I am truly grateful to the team at Trombly and Singer. They exceeded my expectations with the outcome of my case as well as I feel they went above and beyond for me and my case. I so appreciate the tireless hours they worked on this case and their dedication. They truly care about you as a person. I would recommend anyone to them and feel grateful for the outcome of my case. What a way to end a catastrophic year! Thanks again to all who worked on my case! I hope you all stay safe and well and happy holidays!"Helen L. - December, 2020

"In first meeting Attorney Daniel Singer, he was attentive in hearing me explain what caused my personal injury - a fractured elbow. He also took the time to review the photos of the scene where the incident occurred, as well as the injuries sustained. He immediately took into account the challenges the case may have in proving who was responsible and negligent. Rather than discouraging me in pursuing the matter as another law firm had, he demonstrated empathy and compassion for what I had experienced. The consultation with Mr. Singer was clear, thorough, direct, and considered, which anyone pursuing a legal matter hopes for and expects. His initial approach gave me the confidence of knowing -if he were to take on the case- it was going to be handled effectively and successfully. Throughout the process, Mr. Singer and his staff’s (Jasmine Gardner and Noah Trombly) attention to my case was not a disappointment! All three were always responsive, attentive, respectful, immediate, and knowledgeable of my case when asked. The consideration I received during this time was personalized as I was always made to feel that my case was important to them! Aside from the firm’s diligence in moving the case forward before and during COVID-19, Mr. Singer’s efforts in seeking compensation from those at fault were stellar and noteworthy! By utilizing his negotiation skills, he sought a significant award for the permanent elbow injury I sustained due to the negligence of others. Put simply- if you want legal representation from a law firm that is highly ethical, trustworthy, supportive and direct with you from the start and to the end of your case, I highly recommend the Law Firm of Trombly and Singer as I would not hesitate to contact Mr. Singer regarding any legal matters in the future."E. M. - October, 2020

"I had the opportunity to intern here last summer and it was a great experience! Mr. Trombly and Mr. Singer treat their clients with the upmost respect and work hard to achieve justice. Even though I was just an undergraduate intern they treated me like I was apart of the team. I was able to work on certain parts of cases and observe legal proceedings in court. Interning here was really informative as I’ve been able to apply what I learned to what I’m currently learning now in law school. I’m really glad I was able to intern with them, I highly recommend!"Amanda P. - September, 2020

"Trombly & Singer helped my mother-in-law after she was injured in a car accident. They worked with her to explain the steps of the process clearly, and were able to win compensation for her injury. In supporting her, I found the office to be responsive and professional."Marcy M. - August, 2020

"Mr. Trombly, Mr. Singer and their team were very professional & courteous throughout the process. They kept us in loop and guided us every step of the process. And were able to settle the case with the positive outcome. We are very satisfied that we chose the best lawyers. We absolutely recommend the team."Biju & Chinni - July, 2020

"I had a bad experience with an accident lawyers before coming to Trombly & Singer. Trombly & Singer has brought back my confidence of knowing that I could trust and not be taking advantage of or be overlooked as a person that is in need of help. They are nice, patient and willing to help with your needs in an vehicle accident. Thank you again for the best experience that I didn't encounter before."Terri B. - July, 2020

"Ken Trombly and particularly Dan Singer and their paralegal were responsive open and understanding to my needs during my time as a client with them. I always felt that they cared about my best long term interest. They fought for me and took my case seriously. I am glad I retained them as representation."Michael E. - June, 2020

"Being from out of the area, I didn’t know what to expect as I lived and was receiving medical attention 2500 miles from where I had a car accident and needed a team to help me in the judicial system. I researched dozens of lawyers in the DC metro area before making my selection of Trombly & Singer. After speaking with Ken Trombly and Dan Singer, I had a good feeling In my gut that they were just the team I needed. Ken and Dan carefully walked me through every step of the process of my case and they absolutely know their business. The reason I wanted this well-seasoned team is they left no stone unturned in their pursuit for justice on my behalf. Not knowing what to expect as I’ve not been in the legal system is scary to say the least. I was also pleasantly surprised as the final decision rested with ME! Ken, Dan and team gave me the best legal advice and their expert advice, I still had to sign off of the decision. This was monumental to the process and peace of mind through a very uneasy time in my life. I could not be happier with my choice of Trombly & Singer. In addition to helping me secure an outcome that was well beyond my wildest expectations, I was extremely impressed to their personal attention to my case. They always kept me up to speed on the case. They had a team of lawyers and staff dedicated to my case and I knew 100% that if I ever had a question or a problem along the way, they would get back to me promptly with a thoughtful response from a team member. Another thing I witnessed is that Ken and Dan have a wide network of doctors, engineering experts and colleagues in the legal field who they can call on to assist with any type of twist and turn that pops up throughout the case. Why does this matter? Because in any type of serious case the opposing lawyers are going to have their team trying to tear your case apart. However Ken and Dan’s team had my back in bringing the best and brightest to the table. They are worth their weight in gold in a court case and were extremely helpful in acquiring a verdict for me. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs an experienced serious trial lawyer and I feel lucky to have had their help in guiding and winning my case."Bob S. - June, 2020

"Great firm, very professional, and friendly. Both Daniel Singer and his staff were extremely efficient and offered the best advice. Trombly and Singer caters to one’s individual needs with great attention to detail. I would recommend this firm to my family and friends if ever in need of a good, caring lawyer."Olga B. - May, 2020

"I have known Ken Trombly for many years in his professional capacity as a personal injury attorney. As an attorney, I do not practice in that area, but I think it is critical to have the names of other attorneys in whom I have confidence so I can make appropriate referrals. I feel very comfortable when making referrals to Ken whenever the need has arisen."Barbara B. - April, 2020

"Ken and Dan did an outstanding job, as they successfully secured a great result for me. Both lawyers are attentive, easy to understand, and generous with their time. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal help."A.H. - February, 2020

"I was so fortunate to receive a recommendation from a friend about the Trombly & Singer Law Firm and was not disappointed. Ken Trombly was timely and immediately put my mind at ease as to the possible outcome of my case. He was patient and generous in giving of his time. He was professional throughout and was successful at getting me a positive outcome. I highly recommend him to all!!"Richard N. - December, 2019

"I retained Trombly & Singer to represent me in a personal injury lawsuit. Dan Singer was my attorney and did an excellent job from beginning to end, with a very favorable result for me. Dan is well-versed in the law and the process of negotiation. He prepared my case very well throughout and I was always confident in his guidance. I would highly recommend Trombly & Singer to anyone seeking similar counsel."Jesse L. - November, 2019

"Daniel Singer and Ken Trombly were instrumental in helping us with a challenging case. They were willing to invest time, effort and energy that resulted in a resolution for our case. The process requires patience, open communication and trust and we were pleased with the support and counsel we were given."Mary F. - September, 2019

"Ken Trombly was meticulous, creative and strategic in his approach to my case. His experience and expertise were obvious as we moved through the process. He, along with his co-counsel and Miguel were outstanding. The process wasn't always easy, but I always felt supremely well-represented and the outcome will meaningfully impact the rest of my life. I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to recommend Mr. Trombly."Christy S. - August, 2019

"I can't say enough good things about Mr. Singer and Mr. Trombly, their care and concern over my well-being during and after the case were remarkable, they gave me thoughtful consideration when I didn't understand what was going on, were firm and direct when they needed to be, during the three years I dealt with Mr. Singer, he was always there to answer my questions or got back with me quickly when I needed to talk with him, he treated me more like a close friend than a client, these gentlemen were amazing. This was my first time having to deal with lawyers, and I couldn't have asked for a better Law Firm to deal with, I highly recommend them."Ryan J. - July, 2019

"I have had the privilege to work with both Ken Trombly and Dan Singer for many years. During this time I have referred many cases to Ken and Dan, including but not limited to those who have been injured in auto collisions as well as slip and falls. In my experience Ken and Dan never fail to produce a successful outcome for the client, either by settlement or jury verdict. Their success is due to meticulous case preparation, professional conduct, knowledge of experts as the case may require, and a sterling reputation with the judiciary. I highly recommend the firm of Trombly and Singer."Mike A. - May, 2019

"I am glad I chose Trombly & Singer and will again if needed. They've been a big help to me. I will recommend anytime and anywhere. Thank you, Dan & Ken!"Ray B. - April, 2019

"Great to work with and broke down everything for me to understand step by step. They had my best interests first. Wouldn't change a thing!"Tarik L. - April, 2019

""My case was professionally handled and in a timely manner. Lawyers and paralegal were very cordial. I have no complaints and will recommend the firm to anyone that needs counsel.""Ms. Okiyi - March, 2019

"Trombly & Singer should be your first call when confronted with the difficult decision to pursue legal compensation. Ken, Dan & Grace were a 'dream team' with total focus on achieving the best results for me. Thanks again for all your time, effort and consideration."Richard B. - February, 2019

"I used their service and highly recommend. Professional team they have!"Jasur K. - January, 2019

"If you find yourself in need of catastrophic injury lawyers, the team you need is Trombly and Singer. This team of lawyers goes above and beyond to ensure that you get the best results, that will last you a lifetime. When you are in need of lawyers in a delicate situation you need the BEST. The best choice that you can make is having Kenneth Trombly and Dan Singer represent you."Charles M. - October, 2018

"Thank you for all of your time and help with my case! The team at Trombly & Singer is super responsive and always made time to discuss my case."M.W. - August, 2018

"100% satisfaction. Thank you!"Tamara R. - August, 2018

"Mr. Singer along with Grace took on an old case I had and was able to get the federal government to settle whereas the lawyer I had before them gave me a runaround. Thanks for all you do."Greg W. - July, 2018

"I've worked with Trombly & Singer for about 10 years. Always a great experience. I've referred all my family and friends. They are always pleased as well."L.T. - July, 2018

"Mr. Singer and this law firm never gave up the pursuit on our behalf. They never lost sight of the bigger picture. For that, we are forever grateful. Keep doing what you're doing for your clients!"Theresa B. - June, 2018

"Great Lawyers & Staff. No improvement needed. Just continue helping your clients and making sure justice is served. Thank you again, Dan Singer! You rock!"M.A. - May, 2018

"I was very satisfied with the responsiveness, effectiveness, and professionalism. The outcome and experience were excellent. I've already recommended you to a friend who was injured in a bicycle accident in the District. "K.W. - April, 2018

"I keep hearing that personal injury claims are tedious and not worth the effort a lot of the time. That was not my experience when working with Trombly & Singer. They employ themselves with an honest group of professionals that pride themselves on getting the best result. I would highly recommend Trombly & Singer for any personal injury case you may have."Einar - March, 2018

""Working with Dan Singer and his staff was a pleasure. They were personal and efficient, which I really appreciated."  "Chris M. - January, 2018

""I love these guys. I would refer anyone to them. They have excellent customer service and are really about their clients""Shawnyell R. - November, 2017

"Trombly & Singer is the most professional, outstanding law firm I have ever dealt with. Thanks for your excellent service and I wouldn’t hesitate to use your law firm again!"Tracy S. - September, 2017

"I was very impressed with the firm’s excellent responsiveness and professionalism. Great service!"M.A. - August, 2017

"Mr. Singer has a lot of patience and understanding. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and I would recommend Mr. Singer and his firm to anyone in need of an attorney."E.H. - July, 2017

"Ken Trombly not only secured a great result for my case, but he was also always attentive, helpful, and generous with his time and assistance, even regarding matters outside of the case. I could not have asked for better."M.L. - March, 2017

"Thank you so much to Trombly & Singer for all you have done through this process! We are truly grateful and wish you all the best. Rest assured that we will recommend you and the staff to anyone that asks for an awesome attorney."Raquel C. - January, 2017

"Trombly & Singer is an outstanding organization — very professional and easy to work with. Many thanks to Daniel Singer and his efforts for a positive outcome in my case. Thanks again!!"Rickie C. - December, 2016

"I’ve worked with this law firm for many years. They have helped me and my friends and family many times. I have always been happy with the way they have handled my cases because I can tell that they truly care about their clients. If there was anyone in need of a lawyer, I would highly recommend Trombly & Singer."Lorraine H. - November, 2016

"It was my first (and hopefully last) time being involved in a crash, and I appreciate everything that Trombly & Singer did to help me throughout the process. The firm was very responsive and professional, and I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. If this ever happens to me again, I will return to Trombly & Singer for help and I will be happy to recommend anyone I know to the firm as well."E.T. - October, 2016

"Mr. Singer, thank you for your guidance and patience while helping me with the case throughout the process. You really made things go easier than I had anticipated and your thoughtful guidance was truly appreciated. Excellent service!!"L.A. - August, 2016

"They were excellent.  They explained everything in a clear manner so that I could understand what was going on throughout my case.  I am very satisfied with the outcome and would be happy to refer anyone I know to Mr. Trombly."LaTasha A. - May, 2016

"Mr. Trombly was extremely effective, responsive, and professional.  I had an excellent experience dealing with the whole firm, and I was totally satisfied with the outcome of my case.  All in all, I plan to recommend the firm to people I know in the future."Keith A. - April, 2016

"I really appreciate the hard work of Trombly & Singer. After much effort, they really helped me out a lot with a tough situation. They performed excellent work and provided great service!"Sakeenah C. - December, 2015

"Mr. Singer and Mr. Trombly are great lawyers.  They really helped me understand what was going on in my case throughout the process.  Thank you very much, and I will be sure to refer my friends and family!"Andrea G. - November, 2015

"The attorneys and staff at Trombly & Singer were very helpful, professional, and provided awesome communication regarding my case in a timely manner."C.F. - October, 2015