Washington, D.C. Emergency Room Error Lawyer

Medical malpractice refers to the failure of medical professionals to meet the basic standards of their profession. Unfortunately, the same mistakes and carelessness that occur in other circumstances also occur in emergency rooms. However, the urgency, seeming chaos, and the number of patients in emergency rooms make errors even more likely. Basic competence is expected even in this situation. If you or somebody you love was harmed during a visit to the ER, it is important you speak with a Washington DC emergency room error attorney as soon as you are able. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact Trombly & Singer, PLLC.

Common Types of Emergency Room Errors

Medical malpractice can occur at any given point in a patient’s emergency room visit – from evaluation to discharge – and even the best hospitals can be plagued with carelessness and negligence. While there are various kinds of emergency room errors, the most frequently seen errors involve:

  • Diagnosis: Overlooking a problem, or recognizing it too late may be the most common failure. Appropriate tests are not always ordered.
  • Staffing: Emergency rooms must have adequate staff, properly supervised and trained. Procedures need to be in place to treat a variety of emergencies and keep accurate records. Inexperienced personnel may misinterpret a condition or test result, or exercise poor judgment.
  • Conditions: Conditions that are frequently misdiagnosed include heart attack, stroke, brain injury, and appendicitis.
  • Medication errors: Medication errors include administering the wrong medication, confusing which one is for which patient, overdosing, neglecting the danger of drug interaction, and giving medication to intoxicated patients.

Emergency room errors often occur when a patient is already suffering from some form of physical distress, making it more difficult to identify and establish that a mistake was made. However, medical professionals are always required to conduct themselves with a certain standard of care. If emergency room personnel negligently injures or fatally wounds a patient, the surviving family members may wish to hire a Washington DC emergency room error attorney and pursue a wrongful death action.

Consult a DC Emergency Room Error Lawyer

As with any type of medical malpractice case alleging injury or, in extreme cases, wrongful death, it is important to retain expert legal counsel as soon as possible. Personal injury claims, including medical malpractice, must be brought within a specific time in the District. Hiring an accomplished Washington DC emergency room error attorney early in the legal process is the best way to ensure you maximize your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries. Contact Trombly & Singer, PLLC to schedule your free initial legal consultation.

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