What should I do after a serious injury slip and fall?

Slip and falls or trip and fall accidents can occur almost anywhere. These can happen on a sidewalk, in a supermarket, in a hotel, school, airport….. you name it, a serious fall can occur there. Property owners have an obligation to regularly monitor their property. Unfortunately, not all property owners take the proper care to protect visitors and passersby. Slip and fall accidents have a common thread called the burden of proof.

What is the burden of proof?

The burden of proof is a legal principle that requires the victim of a personal injury to prove their case. The victim’s attorney must provide evidence of negligence. Negligence may be proven by demonstrating that the property owner or actor of a property owner knew or should have known about the hazard that caused a serious injury and did nothing to rectify the situation.

What should I do after an accident?

Following an accident, it is important to take some necessary steps. For one, if you are seriously injured, it is important to get medical attention. Tending to your medical needs should be paramount but it can also support your case. When you call for medical attention, the medic should document much of the accident, including your injuries, the time and place where it occurred, and even how it may have occurred. In addition, if you are able, take some pictures of the scene to preserve evidence. If anyone witnessed the accident, speak with them about what they saw and if they would consider providing contact information if you would ever need them to corroborate your story. Another option and one we recommend is to contact an attorney that can send an investigator to the scene as soon as possible.

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