Product Liability Claims in Washington D.C.

When a company fails to ensure the safety of consumers due to negligence, the victims of such negligence have the ability to hold them accountable for such actions. If a product causes an individual to become seriously injured, it important for the victim to retain the services of an experienced product liability attorney that can work with a team of experts to determine exactly what the cause of the defect is and who should be held responsible for their negligence.

There are three categories that product liability cases may fall into. These include the following:

  • Design defects may occur because the party who designed the product initially failed to consider certain safety aspects. The victim of a design defect must prove that there was a safer yet economically feasible alternative to the product’s design while still allowing it to be used the same way.
  • Manufacturer defects may occur if the design of the product was safe but the manufacturer deviated from the approved design.
  • When a company fails to include clear instructions and warnings about the misuse of the product, it can be very dangerous and cause a consumer to become injured.

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