Sidewalk Accidents in Maryland

Walking down the sidewalk is generally not considered too dangerous, as sidewalks are made to safely allow pedestrians to go from one place to another. Most of the time, sidewalks are safe and there are no dangerous conditions present that could cause a pedestrian to become injured. When an individual is injured in a sidewalk accident, they may want to consider their legal options as they may be faced with significant financial and non-financial burdens that were directly caused by the accident.

If an individual who has been injured in a sidewalk accident wishes to bring a personal injury claim against the owner, they will have to face the hurdle of assigning liability to the responsible party. Simply determining who the owner of the sidewalk is can be a challenge in some situations. Once this is determined, the injured party will be responsible for fulfilling the burden of proof. This means that they must prove that the owner of the sidewalk was negligent in maintaining a safe property and this negligence caused them to become injured.

In the event that the sidewalk is owned by a municipality, the injured party may face other challenges in their lawsuit. With that said, regardless of who owns the sidewalk that caused an injury, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney that can provide you with assistance. Contact us today.

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