Failure to Diagnose Cancer in Washington D.C.

When an individual goes to the doctor, they assume that their doctor will treat any health issues that are present. If an individual has cancer, it is essential that they receive a timely diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan as soon as possible. If a medical professional fails to diagnose cancer, the victim and their family members can suffer tremendously.

Time is of the essence when it comes to diagnosing and treating cancer. Unfortunately, when it isn’t diagnosed when it should be, the results can be devastating and even fatal. Some of the examples that may indicate a late diagnosis of cancer include the following:

  • The doctor’s failure to order the necessary tests
  • The doctor did not listen to the patient’s health concerns
  • The doctor’s misinterpretation of test results
  • The doctor’s failure to refer the patient to medical specialists

If a doctor fails to diagnose cancer, the patient may suffer. Some of the consequences of failing to diagnose cancer include the following:

  • The progression of cancer to a more advanced stage
  • The need for more invasive procedures
  • A longer recovery time
  • A higher risk of death

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