Who receives damages after a truck accident?

On the road, there are many different types of motor vehicles. Passenger vehicles range depending on size, style of car, model and so much more. Some people have flashy cars that present a wealthy lifestyle while other people have cars that are more conventional to fit a family. Not only are cars on the road, but there are many trucks. Trucks can range from a Ford truck to a tractor trailer that carries equipment from one state to another. These trucks can become involved in accidents that could be potentially disastrous. Since these trucks are bigger and heavier in size, they can cause more damage than a regular passenger vehicle.

When a truck accident occurs, a lawsuit may be filed. If someone was injured due to the negligence of a truck driver, they may seek damages in compensation for their terrible accident. This can entitle them to receive damages for economic and non-economic reasons. Economic damages can help individuals pay for medical bills. After an accident, they can have many health complications. This can lead to hospital visits, follow-up doctor’s visits and more appointments to take care of their health. All of this medical attention costs money and a lot of it. Individuals can use the compensation from their lawsuit to pay off these bills.

Is emotional trauma considered for damages?

Emotional trauma can be a big part of accidents. In the aftermath of an accident, people can greatly suffering. This suffering is not just physical, it is also emotional. An accident can cause them to become stressed and anxious when they are put into situations that feel similar. They may have trauma from the accident that cannot be erased. Reliving the trauma of a terrible accident can have a huge impact on someone’s life. They may not be able to carry on without thinking of this tragic accident every day. For these cases, individuals may be entitled to non-economic damages that can take into account the pain and suffering they have gone through. This can account for the emotional turmoil from an accident that can cause even more harm and last longer than physical injuries.

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