What is Tort Liability?

In Washington D.C., the Tort Liability Division handles claims that are made against the city for matters relating to property damage or personal injury. The division requires that all claims are made within six months of the accident. If the injured party does not file a lawsuit until after this time period, they may not be liable to do so.

How can sidewalk slip and fall accidents occur?

Of course, accidents can happen everywhere. Each day we are faced with new opportunities for an accident to occur. However, we are not thinking about our safety in normal situations, such as walking along a sidewalk. Many factors can contribute to a sidewalk slip and fall accident. These can include loose debris, hazardous materials and surface problems. Weather conditions can also influence the safety of the sidewalk. When weather conditions are involved in the accident, liability can be a bit more difficult to prove. Weather conditions are required to be addressed within an allotted time after a storm. If you took the risk and used the sidewalk before this period of time, then you may not be able to seek negligence on behalf of another party. If it was after the allotted time that the hazards were still present, you may have a case to prove liability.

Who can I hold responsible for my slip and fall accident?

Most sidewalks are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. Since these sidewalks can be anywhere, they can be the responsibility of a private citizen, a commercial property owner or a municipality. The victim of the accident will have to prove negligence on behalf of the property owner. This means that the victim will have to prove that the owner knew or should have reasonably known about the dangerous condition of the sidewalk and failed to address it.

For these cases, it is important to seek medical attention. By getting the attention you need to address your injuries, a doctor can ensure you are healthy and provide a record of it. This will also document your injuries, proving the effects of the slip and fall accident. If there were any witnesses to your accident, they could help build a case and validate your incident. Preserving evidence in any way is very important in creating a case for your incident. In order to do so, you can seek the help of our attorneys.

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