Is an employer liable for a workers’ compensation case?

Employees that are injured at work may be eligible for workers’ compensation. If employees are unable to work due to their injury, workers’ compensation can provide for them during this period of time. However, this does not mean that the employers are responsible for their accident. Employees cannot blame their employers when they collect workers’ compensation. They can file a lawsuit against their employer, but then they are unable to collect workers’ compensation for their injuries.

What if a third party is involved?

With a third party involvement, an injured worker can seek liability. They may wish to file a lawsuit against the party in order to seek liability and gain compensation. They are able to do so since this party is not their employer. However, if they previously gained workers’ compensation for that accident, they may have to pay it back if they win compensation in the lawsuit. This third party involvement allows liability to be placed which is usually not a factor in workers’ compensation cases.

For these cases, neither employer or employee is to blame for the accident that has caused injuries. This can help protect both parties. Employees are able to collect workers’ compensation without having to confront their bosses for liability. Their job can be protected while they are unable to work due to their injury. Their employer can also avoid liability claims.

Third party cases can involve companies that have provided equipment to your company or were somehow associated with the accident. The involvement of a third party can complicate the case. A lawyer’s help can help to ease the process.

What can I gain?

Those injured in a workplace accident can gain compensation for these incidents. With workers’ compensation, they can gain money for economic damages. This can help to cover medical bills that have accumulated due to their accident. It can also cover the cost of lost wages or lost future wages. This compensation can help individuals continue with their daily lives while they are unable to work due to their healing injury. For cases involving third parties, individuals can gain compensation from lawsuits that can help them acquire damages as well.

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