Riders Say Metro Platforms are Unsafe

A news report recently came out on NBC Washington that details safety concerns that riders have in some of the District’s Metro stations. NBC spoke with a victim who was injured because she tripped on an uneven platform and became badly bruised as she got off the train. The two stations that riders say need serious repairs are at Braddock Road and on Rhode Island Avenue. The concerns lie in the fact that in order to get off of the train at the Braddock Road station, people are required to step up onto the platform instead of just walking straight ahead. The investigators found that some of the gaps are actually 8 to 10 inches higher than the train itself, making it very dangerous for people getting off the train.  In addition, many of the tiles at the metro station are uneven, cracked, and cause serious danger to anyone walking on the surface. A spokesperson for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority even admitted to the news outlet that some of these platforms are no longer compliant with the ADA but that they are aware of the issue and plan to make corrections in the future.

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