How can social media affect my lawsuit?

Social media is an ever-present part of our society and it seems as though many people can’t go more than a few minutes without checking their profiles. When a person is involved in a personal injury lawsuit, it is important that they make sure not to do anything on social media that could jeopardize their lawsuit. Unfortunately, there are people who give personal injury cases a bad name because they exaggerate their injuries in an effort to recover compensation that is supposed to be for medical bills but is used for other things. As a result, the attorneys representing the person who caused the accident will likely monitor the social media profiles of the victim to make sure they are being truthful.

If a person who is acting as the injured party claims that they can no longer walk and enjoy the activities that they once could but then they go and post on Facebook that they went on a hike, they may ruin their own case. If the attorney for the other side sees this, they can bring it up in court and the party who is supposedly injured may have their case dismissed.

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