Injured in a Washington D.C. Parking Lot Accident? Here is What You Need to Know

Most of us do not consider parking lots to be particularly dangerous. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There is a wide array of potential factors that can cause serious accidents that lead to severe injuries in parking lots. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable Washington D.C. personal injury attorneys to learn more about parking lot accidents and how we can help you if you have been injured in one. Here are some of the questions you may have about the legal process going forward:

What are the most common causes of parking lot accidents in Washington D.C.?

Parking lot accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons, though they are most commonly caused by negligence. In parking lots, motorists, pedestrians, and property owners can all behave negligently and contribute to an accident occurring. That being said, parking lot accidents are most frequently caused by negligent parking lot owners who fail to ensure their parking lot is safe for all passersby. For example, potholes, weather-related hazards left unattended, standing water, negligent signing, and more can all contribute to parking lot accidents.

What should I do after sustaining injuries in a parking lot accident?

If you are injured due to a property owner’s negligence, the first thing you should do is call the police. From here, you should ask anyone who witnessed your accident for their contact information. Next, you should take pictures of the unsafe parking lot conditions that caused your accident and notify the parking lot owner of your injuries. Once you are treated at the hospital, ensure you ask your doctor for all medical documentation pertaining to your injuries. Finally, you must retain the services of an experineced Washington D.C. personal injury attorney who can gather all additional evidence needed to satisfy the burden of proof in a personal injury claim. Our firm is here to help.

What is the statute of limitations for premises liability claims in Washington D.C.?

If you are someone who has been injured on another person’s property, you will have to take legal action against that person within Washington D.C.’s statute of limitations. Since the statute of limitations for premises liability claims in Washington D.C. is three years, you will, under most circumstances, have three years from the date of your accident to sue the party responsible. We are here to begin the claims process on your behalf today.


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