Can I Sue on Behalf of My Child if He is Injured in an Accident?

When a child is injured in an accident, in many cases, his or her parent(s) look to sue the party responsible for the injuries, especially if they are very serious or permanent. Fortunately, in many cases, parents are allowed to do so, however, you should understand that these claims are frequently more complicated than other personal injury claims, which is why you should retain the services of an experienced Washington D.C. personal injury attorney who has the knowledge and skill necessary to effectively guide you through the claims process. Generally, personal injury claims involving minors are twofold. In the first part of the claim, the child’s parent will sue the negligent party for expenses incurred as a result of the injury, such as medical bills, the cost of therapy, and more. In the second part of the claim, you will sue for damages to your child. These damages are generally non-monetary damages, such as pain and suffering, disfigurement, or otherwise. No matter the circumstances of your child’s accident, our firm is here to help. Please continue reading to learn more.

What should I do if my child is injured due to another party’s negligence?

If your child is injured due to another party’s negligence, you should do everything in your power to document the incident. You should:

  1. Notify the property owner, if the accident occurred on their property. If it was an auto accident, ensure you ask the other driver for his or her insurance information and call the police to the scene of the accident.
  2. Take pictures of the unsafe property condition or the aftermath of the auto accident, depending on the circumstances of the accident.
  3. Ask any witnesses of the accident for their name and contact information.
  4. Ensure your child receives immediate medical attention.
  5. Retain the services of an experienced Washington D.C. personal injury attorney who can gather and present all additional evidence needed to satisfy the burden of proof.

How long will I have to sue someone for an injury in Washington D.C.?

If your child is injured due to another party’s negligence and he or she requires compensation to heal, you must file your claim within the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Washington D.C. is, generally, three years, which means that you will have three years from the date of your child’s accident to take legal action against the party responsible. If you wait any longer than three years, you will most likely be permanently barred from suing. Our firm is here to help you today.


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