Can I bring a lawsuit for an injury during surgery?

When an individual undergoes surgery, whether it is a simple and routine procedure or one that requires months of rehabilitation, they trust their team of medical professionals to provide them with the best possible care. Unfortunately, there are times when medical professionals are negligent during surgery, which can cause life-changing damage to the victim. Most of the time, the person or people responsible for these negligent acts didn’t mean to cause further injury to the victim. However, it is still important that they are held responsible for these actions.

Some of the most common injuries or errors that happen during surgery include:

  • operating on the wrong part of the body
  • performing the incorrect operation
  • causing permanent nerve or spinal cord damage
  • puncturing or damaging organs
  • failure to schedule emergency surgery in time
  • failure to properly administer anesthesia
  • failure to properly monitor the patient
  • forgetting to remove medical instruments or tools from the patient

When a medical professional makes an error during surgery, the victim can require additional surgery or other medical treatment that they would not need otherwise. Victims of medical malpractice may be able to hold the negligent party accountable and recover significant damages with the help of an experienced attorney. If you have been injured due to a surgical error, contact our firm today.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Trombly & Singer, PLLC are prepared to represent clients facing legal matters after being injured due to another person’s negligence. If you require strong legal representation in Washington D.C. or Maryland, contact our firm today to schedule a consultation. 

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