Workers’ Compensation in Washington D.C. | What to Know

If you are injured at your workplace, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. This may provide you with compensation for things like lost wages, medical bills, and more. Read on to learn more about workers’ compensation laws in Washington D.C.

Steps to take after a workplace accident:

If you are injured at work, it is important to take the following steps:

  1. Call 911: The police can send an ambulance, interview witnesses, file an accident report, and more.
  2. Notify your boss: It is important to let your boss know that an injury has occurred right away. This will allow him or her to file an accident report. If possible, obtain a copy of this report.
  3. Document the scene: While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, take pictures and videos of the hazardous conditions that caused your accident to occur.
  4. Obtain witness contacts: If anyone saw your accident occur, they may be able to corroborate your version of events. Be sure to ask for their name and contact information.
  5. Seek medical attention: It is important to go to the hospital, your doctor, or an urgent care facility immediately after the accident. You should do so, even if you do not believe you have been seriously injured. This is because it is possible to sustain a serious injury without realizing it. Additionally, this will provide you with important proof of the origin and extent of your injuries. Be sure to ask for a copy of any relevant medical documents.

Third-party lawsuits:

In some cases, you may be injured at work but it is not the fault of your employer. For example, if you were injured in your office’s building and you can prove that the landlord knew or should have reasonably known about the hazard that caused your injury and did nothing to fix it, you may have a premises liability case. Other times, you may have a product liability case. For example, if you were injured on a construction site and your safety equipment was defective, causing your injury, it is important to discuss your case with an attorney.

If you have sustained a workplace injury, you will need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Reach out to our firm today to discuss your case. We are here to advocate for you every step of the way.


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