Why should I file a store incident report after an accident?

If you have been injured in a store while shopping because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to significant compensation. However, to recover monetary compensation for your damages, you will be required to demonstrate to the court that your injuries were caused directly by the store’s negligence. To do this, you must collect pertinent evidence that corroborates your claim. This includes filing a store incident report. Continue reading to discover the importance of filing a store incident report and learn how a determined Washington, D.C. Premises Liability Lawyer can help you secure the fair compensation you deserve.

How important is it to get a store incident report?

Store owners and managers have a legal obligation to a duty of care, which requires them to take reasonable measures to maintain a safe environment for everyone that enters their premises. This means they must fix dangerous property conditions within a reasonable timeframe to prevent accidents and injuries. If they fail to uphold their legal duty, they will be held responsible for any damages resulting from their negligence.

Following a slip and fall accident in a store, after seeking medical attention, you must alert the store manager to the incident. The store manager should fill out an incident report. They will ask you to describe the incident to document the accident. When speaking to the store manager, you should stick to the facts. In many cases, victims accidentally take the blame for the incident. This is a massive mistake as the store can use this against you to minimize their liability for your injuries. To prevent this, you should only tell them relevant information to include in the report, including the date, the time, the people involved, how the accident occurred, and the injuries sustained. It is imperative to complete an incident report as it will preserve critical evidence of the accident.

Before leaving the store, you should read the incident report to ensure it is an accurate recollection. You should also ask for a copy of the incident report. If the store does not provide you with a copy of the report, take a picture of the document. If the store asks you to sign the incident report or other documents, read them thoroughly and carefully. Sometimes, stores will get you to sign a liability release form to prevent you from pursuing legal action against them for damages. To prevent this, do not sign anything without first speaking to a qualified attorney.

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