Who may be responsible for a school bus accident?

Fortunately, school bus accidents are a rare occurrence. However, they do still happen and students suffer serious injuries as a result. If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, it is critical to contact our determined Washington, D.C. Auto Accident Lawyers who can help you seek reasonable compensation for your child’s damages. Keep reading to learn who may be responsible for this type of collision. 

Who can be held liable for a school bus accident?

More often than not, parents assume the only liable party in a school bus accident is the bus driver. However, although that may be true in some cases, that is not always the case. The school bus driver can be held liable for an accident if their negligent actions caused the collision to occur. For instance, if the bus driver engaged in an unsafe driving practice such as distracted driving or speeding, they can be held liable. Additionally, bus drivers are held to a high standard as they are responsible for transporting children to and from school. With that being said, if they do not abide by the rules of the road, parents can file a claim against them to seek compensation for their child’s injuries. For the most part, parents can usually hold the school district responsible as they are in charge of ensuring the school bus is in good condition. They are also in charge of hiring bus drivers with the proper training and experience to drive students to and from school. If they fail in their duties, they can be named in a lawsuit.

Further, in other cases, the manufacturer of the bus may be liable. A claim can be filed against the manufacturer to collect compensation if the cause of the accident was a defective or malfunctioning part such as a faulty break. Moreover, the owner of the bus can be held liable in some cases as well. School districts will often use school buses from government entities or private companies. When this is the case, they may be responsible for the cause of an accident if they do not conduct regular maintenance inspections to ensure the bus is in proper condition.

Determining liability after a school bus accident can be difficult. However, fault allocation plays a crucial role in collecting compensation for damages. If your child has suffered an injury in a school bus accident, it is in your best interest to hire one of our skilled and dedicated team members. At Trombly and Singer, PLLC, our dedicated attorneys will work tirelessly to help you achieve a favorable outcome. Allow our firm to fight on your behalf today!