When can I collect workers’ compensation?

At work every day, employees expect the usual routine. They go to work, interact with coworkers and get their duties done on a daily basis. No matter what profession you are in there is still the possibility of an accident occurring. Workplace accidents can result in an injury. If you have experienced an injury in the workplace, you may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation was put in place to support employees while they are injured. They cannot be blamed for the accident and be fired. Also, employers are not liable for the accident either. With this in place, employees can return to work when they are healed and no one is to blame for the incident. The compensation provided in the meantime can help injured employees pay for medical bills, cover lost wages and lost future wages.

Can I file a lawsuit?

If you are collecting workers’ compensation, you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer. If you wish to file a lawsuit against them, you cannot collect workers’ compensation. However, if a third party is involved in your accident, the situation may be more complicated. Companies may use products from other companies. If these products are defective, they may cause an accident to happen, resulting in an injury. If you were harmed due to another company’s product, you may file a lawsuit against them. Since this in not your direct employer, it is allowed. However, if you previously collected workers’ compensation and you win compensation from your lawsuit, you may have to pay back the collected workers’ compensation.

How does workers’ compensation benefit me?

Through workers’ compensation, you may be safe from losing your job. As a victim of an accident, you may also be entitled to benefits including medical care, supplemental benefits, social security benefits and death benefits, along with the above cash benefits. If it is found that you are no longer able to work from that point forward due to your injuries acquired in the accident, you may get more long-term benefits. With all these benefits, individuals are able to provide for themselves when they are unable to work. They may not face as serious of a financial situation due to the buildup of medical bills. The quality of life of these injured employees can be upheld through workers’ compensation.

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