What to Know About Boating Accidents

With the warm weather upon us, it is important to understand the risks that come with the increased water traffic during the summertime. If you have been injured in a boating accident due to the negligence of a boat driver, it is important that you take the first step in filing a personal injury claim by reaching out to our experienced firm. Continue reading and contact our personal injury attorney to discover if you are entitled to compensation after a boating accident.

What are the most common types of boating negligence?

If you are looking to fight for financial compensation after a boating accident, you will have to prove that negligence caused your injuries. The following are the most common types of boating negligence seen on the water that results in boating accidents and injuries:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to provide proper safety equipment onboard
  • Not being an experienced boater
  • Colliding with another object because of inattentiveness, drowsiness, etc.
  • Operating the boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs

How can I know if I am entitled to compensation after a boating accident?

In order to discover if you are entitled to compensation, you must first gain the services of a skilled personal injury attorney who has experience handling boating accident claims. Your attorney will then work to prove that negligence caused your injuries by using evidence such as medical documentation, photos of the scene, and witness statements.

This is reason alone to try your best to collect as much evidence of your own while you are still on the scene of your accident. While you wait for medical assistance, it might be proactive to take photos of your injuries as well as the scene of your accident. You should also try and collect any contact information for witnesses that saw your accident occur.

If you believe that you are a victim of a batting accident that was caused by negligence, reach out to our firm today to discuss your options.

What is the statute of limitations for boating accident claims in Washington D.C.?

The statute of limitations for batting accidents is typically three years from the date of your accident in Washington D.C. This means that you will have three years to bring attention to your persona injury claim. Failure to file your claim within this period of time can result in you being barred from suing. Reach out to our experienced personal injury attorney today to get started.


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