What should I do if I’m injured on the job in Washington D.C.?

Workplace injuries can occur regardless of the field you work in. Sure, they may be more apparent if you work in a factory or warehouse, but that doesn’t mean they can’t occur when working in retail or in an office. If you’ve been injured on the job in a workplace accident, then you are likely entitled to compensation. Make sure to contact a Washington, D.C. workplace accident lawyer so that we can discuss your options.

What steps should I follow after being injured on the job in Washington D.C.?

Your priority after being injured on the job should always be to protect your health. Make sure to call the authorities so that you can get the proper medical attention. However, if your health permits, then you should follow these steps:

  • Call 911
  • Take pictures of the accident
  • Attain a witness’ contact information
  • Collect all medical documents that corroborate your injuries
  • Contact our experienced Washington D.C. injury attorneys so we can begin filing your claim

Make sure that you don’t wait to contact us, because Washington D.C. has a statute of limitations that is generally three years. We don’t want you to lose the opportunity to receive the damages that you may be entitled to, so call us immediately and we’ll get right to work.

How does workers’ compensation work?

Workers’ compensation laws exist to protect employees, so if you’ve been injured on the job then you’re likely entitled to compensation. Filing a personal injury claim means that you’re giving up your right to sue your employer in exchange for compensation. This will mitigate the potential conflict that could arise in the workplace if you were to choose litigation. Additionally, compensation can come in the form of financial and non-financial damages, meaning your compensation may be used to cover medical expenses and lost wages.

How does a third-party lawsuit work in Washington D.C.?

If you’ve been injured on the job and choose to forgo workers’ compensation, then you may still have the option to pursue a third-party lawsuit. A third-party lawsuit gives the injured person the ability to sue another party for their negligence, such as a negligent property owner. However, you must prove that this other party knew about, or should have known about, the dangerous conditions that caused your injuries. A benefit of a third-party lawsuit is that it may result in you earning more in damages than you would have received if you had just accepted workers’ compensation. However, understand that if you take workers’ compensation and then begin a third-party lawsuit, you may be required to return the money you received prior to the lawsuit.


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