What Should I do After Being Hurt in a Hotel Accident in D.C.?

Hotel accidents, unfortunately, happen to far more people than we’d think. If you were hurt on vacation or while on business in a hotel, however, you may be entitled to financial compensation. If you were injured in a hotel accident, please continue reading and contact the experienced Washington D.C. injury attorneys from Trombly & Singer today to learn more about these accidents and how a seasoned legal team can help if you’ve been hurt in one. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What actions should I take after being hurt in a Washington D.C. hotel accident?

If you’re hurt in a hotel accident, or any other type of accident for that matter, the most important thing you can do is get medical attention at once. Your health should always be your number one priority. Aside from that, you should make it a point to photograph the cause of your accident, such as defective stairs or another safety hazard, and ask any witnesses for their contact information, as they may confirm your injury claim at a later date. You should also keep all medical documentation pertaining to your injuries, as we can use this info to prove how your accident happened and the extent to which it has impacted your life, both physically and financially.

Who should I sue for the injuries I’ve sustained in my accident?

It depends. If we can prove that your accident was caused as a result of hotel management or staff neglecting to remedy unsafe property conditions that they either knew or should have reasonably known about, then we will likely file a premises liability claim against them. However, if you were hurt because of a defective piece of equipment, such as dangerously-designed gym equipment or a faulty elevator part that caused a malfunction, we’ll likely file a product liability claim. Regardless, it’s always best to hire a competent attorney who can effectively analyze the circumstances of your case and hold the right parties accountable.

How long can I wait to sue?

The statute of limitations for injury claims here in D.C. is, typically, three years. Ensure that you do not wait longer than three years from the date you were injured to sue the party responsible for any damages you’ve sustained. Our legal team is prepared to guide you through each step of the process ahead, but you need to act sooner, rather than later. Give us a call today so we can begin working on your injury claim.


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