What places can be held responsible for inadequate security?

Proper security measures are needed at establishments to protect those that are using those facilities. Premises liability cases can involve a lack of security measures that have lead to an accident. This accident can cause injuries to a victim. A premises has the responsibility of having certain security measures in place to protect those that are entering the area. A standard of care must be taken to ensure the safety of those entering the premises. Security measures should be taken to prevent any criminal acts from happening and to monitor the area to know what is going on. Establishments, such as the mall, residential housing and parking lots or garages are responsible for meeting the needs of the community in regards to safety. Whether an individual suffers from a slip and fall or a criminal act, security measures should be available to aid them during their time on that premises.

If a property owner does not keep up with safety standards, they may be causing harm to individuals that use that area. If it is proven that inadequate security has contributed to an accident where the individual was injured, they may be able to hold the property owner responsible for their accident and subsequent injuries. The property owner has a responsibility to uphold a certain level of security. If they are lacking in security measures, it could prove negligence on their behalf. When an owner or manager does not take proper security measures to provide an expected level of safety in an environment, they can be seen as negligent and held accountable for this. Inadequate security cases can be based on poor or inadequate lighting, lack of or non-working security cameras, poorly trained security staff, not enough security staff, poorly maintained landscaping and broken locks or unlocked perimeter doors. All of these instances can be used to prove a case of inadequate security, putting the liability on the premises.

Does an investigation occur?

After an individual is harmed on a property, an investigation will take place. This investigation is needed to determine the cause of an accident. If improper security measures is named as a cause, these standards will be looked over. If it found that these measures were not up to date with proper security standards, they may be named as a contributor to an accident. This can also prove negligence on behalf of a property owner, causing them to pay damages to the injured party.

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