What mistakes should I avoid after an auto accident?

Without realizing it, the steps auto accident victims take in the immediate aftermath of a collision significantly impact their ability to seek monetary compensation for their economic and non-economic damages should they decide to pursue legal action. Understandably, it can be difficult for victims to remember what to do following an accident, as being involved in an auto accident can be a traumatic experience. Still in shock, they may forget to take critical steps to safeguard their legal rights, which could jeopardize the future of their case. If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact our skilled Washington, D.C. Auto Accident Lawyers, who can help you fight for the just compensation you need to get back on your feet. Please continue reading to learn what mistakes to avoid after an auto accident. 

What are some of injury victims’ biggest mistakes after an auto accident?

Following an auto accident, you must know the proper steps to protect your legal rights and maximize your chances of recovering the total and fair compensation you may be entitled to for the damages you’ve incurred. It is equally important to know what not to do after an accident, as the slightest mistake could hinder your ability to receive compensation for your losses.

One of the biggest mistakes an accident victim can make is not calling the police. Having the police at the accident scene is crucial as they will collect valuable evidence that could potentially help you prove your claim later on. They will prepare a police report that contains critical information regarding the accident, which can help mitigate future conflicts of your word against the other driver’s word on what happened.

In addition, accident victims sometimes make the mistake of refusing or denying medical care. Even if you think that you are not injured, or your injuries are minor, you must seek immediate medical attention. This is necessary, as refusing or delaying medical care is dangerous for your health and well-being. It is imperative to have your injuries treated by a medical professional for a speedy recovery and to document the severity of your injuries. Unfortunately, claiming you were injured is not enough for recovery. You will have to prove the extent of your injuries.

Another mistake accident victims commonly make is forgetting to collect evidence at the accident scene. You must fulfill the burden of proof, which means you must demonstrate that the at-fault parties’ negligence directly caused your injuries. To do this, you will need substantial evidence. As such, you must gather as much evidence as possible. This includes taking pictures of the damage to your vehicle, the other vehicle, and your injuries. You should also collect contact information from witnesses and record your incurred damages, such as medical bills, pay stubs, and other evidence that can help prove the other party’s negligence.

Should I speak to an attorney?

Furthermore, the most significant mistake accident victims make following a collision is failing to retain the legal services of an experienced attorney. An attorney can investigate the circumstances of an accident and collect evidence that can help prove your claim. The other party’s insurance company will likely approach you quickly after the accident to get you to accept a lowball settlement before you thoroughly assess your case with an attorney.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident due to someone else’s negligence, contact a qualified lawyer from Trombly & Singer, PLLC, who can help you explore your legal options. Our firm is prepared to help you seek reasonable compensation for your damages.