What can I do as a victim of a drunk driver?

While some individuals can make the responsible decision to not drive when under the influence of alcohol, other individuals may not make the same decision. Unfortunately, people make bad decisions and drive while under the influence of alcohol. Since alcohol has the ability to affect our motor skills, it is known that it can cause car accidents to occur. These accidents can also prove to be life-threatening. Drunk drivers can harm more than just themselves. When they harm other drivers or passengers, these individuals may wish to seek liability. As a victim of a drunk driver, you have the ability to do so.

How can I pursue a case?

After you experience an accident due to a drunk driver, you should seek medical care immediately. This will ensure that your health and safety is taken care of. It can also provide documentation of your injuries and detail the extent of them. This can prove to be evidence since it can show how you suffered as a result of the motor vehicle accident. When your injuries are documented, it can become easier to build a case. Victims should then seek the help of a legal professional. For these cases, an attorney can help compile information you need to build a report. Police reports can be another form of documentation to add to evidence. If the driver has an arrest record, this is useful information to prove liability. Investigations will need to be conducted to compile all the information possible for your case. For this, witnesses should be located to provide any evidence.

What will happen to the driver?

When drivers are charged with driving under the influence, they may face a variety of consequences based on the amount of alcohol in their system, the accident they caused and the number of charges of DUI they have. If they are found driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or more, they may be deemed legally impaired while driving. This may lead to fines and possible incarceration.

What are DRAM shop laws?

In Washington D.C., there are laws in place called dram shop laws. Dram shop laws places the liability on the business that neglectfully sells alcohol to patrons who then cause serious injuries, property damage or even death. This means that victims of drunk drivers can file lawsuits against the liquor store, bar or restaurant that served alcohol to the driver that harmed them.

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