What can contribute to truck accidents?

Truck drivers operate these big vehicles as part of their job. They have certain guidelines they must follow to prevent accidents from happening on the road and to protect them from these accidents. These drivers need to make sure they do not drive past a limited amount of hours for the day and the week. Their hours driving are limited and monitored to make sure they are getting enough rest and are not operating the vehicle while they are weary.  

These big trucks have blind spots due to their size. This can cause them to be unaware of the presence of a small car that is in the vicinity of their vehicle. This can lead to an accident since the truck driver may not know that a car is close to them. The size of a truck also contributes to a heavier weight. This is significant since it can affect their speed and the time it takes for them to come to a complete stop. These trucks need more time and space to make a complete stop. If they are speeding and have to stop in a short amount of space, they may wind up hitting a car in front of them, creating an accident and possible injuries as a result. They must make sure to follow the speed limits and give themselves enough space to be able to stop in time to miss hitting another vehicle. Trucks are heavy in weight and drivers need to calculate enough time to stop so that they do not hit another vehicle and put those riders in danger of getting injured.

Can I receive damages after a truck accident?

Truck accidents can be more detrimental than regular motor vehicle accidents due to the large size of a truck. With their large size, trucks have the power to cause more damage to a car, which can result in worse injuries to passengers and the driver in that vehicle. For these accidents, those traveling in motor vehicles can hold a truck driver responsible if they fail to adhere to the laws of the road. If truck drivers display behavior that contributes to an accident, they can be held responsible for their actions and may have to pay damages to the victims.

Motor vehicle drivers may have to prove negligence on behalf of the truck driver to show that they were not doing all they could to avoid an accident. If the burden of proof is proven, the victim may be able to win a lawsuit against the truck driver.

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