How may I Recover Compensation Following a Truck Accident in Washington D.C.?

Our country would be nowhere without our truck drivers. We need them to deliver produce to our grocery stores, goods to our department stores, and essentially every other commodity to its respective destination. A huge amount of responsibility falls on the shoulders of our nation’s truckers. On top of the inherent pressure of the job, they are expected to maneuver 80,000-pound vehicles for up to 70 hours a week in order to make their deadlines. One can see then, how easy it is for a truck driver to slip up. If you have been injured in a Washington D.C. truck accident, there is a good chance you will be entitled to financial compensation. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are the most frequent types of truck accidents?

  • Blindspot accidents: Since trucks have so many blind spots, they are sometimes unable to see other cars as they are changing lanes. This very often results in either another vehicle being struck or forced off the road.
  • Head-on collisions: These are not the most common type of truck accident, but they may be the most deadly. If you were hit by a truck head-on because he or she was driving on the wrong side of the road, there is a very good chance you may recover compensation.
  • Wide turn accidents: These usually occur when a truck driver swings left to make a right turn, colliding with cars to its right. These are also known as “swinging turn” crashes. 
  • Rear-end crashes: Since trucks are so heavy and massive, a rear-end collision could do a lot of damage. If you are rear-ended by a truck and are injured, you will almost always be entitled to financial compensation, as the rear-ended vehicle is almost never legally at fault.
  • Rollover accidents: These usually occur when a truck is making a turn at too fast a speed.
  • Jackknife collisions: A jackknife collision is when the trailer is swinging independently of the cab with both sections of the tractor-trailer moving in opposite directions.

How do I know if I am entitled to compensation following a truck accident in Washington D.C.?

If you are able to prove you were injured due to either a truck driver or truck employer’s negligence, you should be able to recover the compensation you need. Do yourself a favor and hire an experienced Washington D.C. attorney who will fight against the insurance companies for the compensation you deserve. 

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