How Does Product Liability Factor into Washington D.C. Car Accidents?

When people buy cars, they expect it to be safe and will drive properly on the road. Cars numerous parts that are required to work together in order to create a moving product. If a manufacturer deviates from the correct protocol and guidelines when building a car and its parts, the car may become defective. If this happens and a car malfunctions, the driver in the car as well as others on the road can be at risk for serious injuries. When a car accident and injuries happen because of a manufacturer’s negligence, they may be held accountable. This can be down under product liability laws. It is important to seek an experienced attorney if you were injured in a car accident due to product liability.

What is Product Liability?

Companies that create products for consumers have an obligation to create a product that is safe and will not harm those who use it. This standard is also true for car companies and their manufacturers. They are required to create cars that drive safely and will not malfunction on the road. Product liability laws enforce this responsibility, as they can hold the manufacturers liable if they create and sell a faulty car. If a manufacturer cut corners or make mistakes while producing car parts, the car may be defective and cause harm to other people on the road. If someone is injured because of a defective vehicle, they may be able to hold the manufacturer responsible through a product liability lawsuit.

Types of Cases

There are several ways a car accident can happen as a result of a defective car or one of its parts. There are three types of defect cases that are usually seen in product liability lawsuits:

  • Design defect: When the design of a car or its parts causes an injury. This may happen if a designer did not consider a driver’s safety when they designed it. In order to have a successful case, the injured must prove there was a safer and economically feasible alternative option for the design.
  • Manufacturer defect: When a car manufacturer does not follow company protocol and produces a car differently, it can malfunction on the road and hurt someone. In order to have a successful case, the injured must prove the manufacturer deviated from the usual process when making the product.
  • Failure to warn: When a car company does not provide warning labels for parts of the car that may cause harm to individuals if not handled responsibly.


If a driver or another individual on the road becomes injured at the expense of a defective automobile, they may be able to receive financial compensation for any injuries that happened because of the accident. Injuries that require medical attention often leave people overcome with bills and other expenses. If a manufacturer is responsible for the injury, they may owe the individual compensation to cover these costs.

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