How Does Poor Truck Maintenance Lead To Accidents?

There are many potential causes of truck accidents, but one thing that companies can at least try to avoid is a crash due to mechanical failure. When vehicles are properly cared for, they are less likely to be a danger to anyone sharing the road with them. Poor truck maintenance can contribute to an accident and the right parties need to be held accountable when that happens. If you were hurt in a crash with a truck, a Washington, D.C. truck accident lawyer from our firm can help you build a case and sue for compensation.

What Kind of Poor Truck Maintenance Can Cause Accidents?

Poor truck maintenance can lead to crashes in a few different ways. There could be problems with:

Tires: Tires that are not well cared for or properly inflated can burst, causing a driver to lose control. The deflated tires can also hit other vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians.

Brakes: Trucks are big and need a complex, reliable braking system to slow down and come to a stop. When one part of this system does not work, a truck could end up getting involved in an accident no matter how responsive the driver is.

Defective couplings: A truck can lose its cargo if it’s not properly secured.

Broken lights: The brake lights and turn signals tell other drivers where a truck plans to go, making it easier for smaller cars to stay out of this larger vehicle’s way. It can be dangerous for everyone when these lights do not work correctly.

Other components: Damaged or worn-out parts of the steering column, transmission, and suspension can all make driving more dangerous.

Who Can Be Blamed When Poor Truck Maintenance Causes a Crash?

The trucking company is responsible for keeping its trucks operating safely. Drivers have a responsibility too though. They are supposed to be examining their trucks and checking for safety issues. It’s dangerous to skip these inspections, but some do anyway. Then there are the mechanics tasked with maintaining the trucks. If they miss a safety problem, they might be liable too.

There could be multiple liable parties when poor truck maintenance causes an accident. Our lawyers can help you build a case and sue all of those responsible for compensation.

What Evidence Can Be Used in a Truck Accident Case?

To build a case, you need evidence. Your lawyer can use things like:

  • Driver inspection records and reports
  • Truck maintenance records
  • Post-accident vehicle inspection records
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports on this trucking company
  • Testimony from accident reconstruction experts

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