How can I receive compensation after a bike accident?

Bicycle accidents can be scary when it involves a collision with a motor vehicle. Since bikes do not provide as much protection as motor vehicles and cars weigh tons, those who are riding bikes can be seriously injured. These accidents can occur due to a variety of incidents. You should always go to the doctor to get your injuries checked after your accident occurs. This will provide documentation of your injuries and your visit that can support your testimony. With this information, you can build your case against the liable party to seek compensation that you are in need of. If you are able to preserve evidence from the accident, such as taking pictures of the scene or talking to witnesses, you should do so to better establish your case. This information may help prove negligence on behalf of the other party that was involved. When seeking compensation, you may be able to acquire damages for economic and non-economic purposes. Economic damages come in the form of monetary compensation for your expenses, such as medical bills, lost wages and lost future wages. Non-economic damages can contribute compensation toward the emotional suffering you have endured due to your accident and its aftermath.

What can lead to a bike accident?

There are many factors that can lead to a bicycle accident whether it is the bikers fault or the driver’s fault. These factors may include someone who was driving under the influence, careless or reckless driving, using electronic devices while driving, distracted driving or driver fatigue. Human error can greatly contribute to an accident since we can become distracted when we drive. If the driver of a car is distracted, they may not see a bicycle crossing the road or coming up behind them. Bicycles are not as big as cars, therefore, they can even be harder to spot than a car. Road conditions may also play a role in causing the accident. A municipality may even be liable due to bad road conditions of bicycle lanes. If weather conditions on the roads are bad, this can lead to slippery surfaces. Bike tires may not be able to grip the ground as well as they should.

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