Washington DC Dram Shop Laws

When an individual makes the decision to drive under the influence of alcohol, they are putting the lives of themselves and many others at risk. Drunk drivers cause a significant portion of all motor vehicle accident fatalities and as a result, the laws aim to hold these individuals accountable for their actions. When an injured party or the surviving family members of someone who was killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver wants to bring a lawsuit, there are a number of different factors they should be aware of.

During the process of investigating the accident, an attorney may have to assess the hours leading up to the accident. So, if the drunk driver became intoxicated at a bar or restaurant, they may have to investigate what went on in that establishment. Dram shop laws exist to hold business accountable for selling alcohol to an already intoxicated customer who then goes on to cause an accident and injure others. It is important to note that dram shop laws can be extended to any type of business that sells alcohol, not just bars and restaurants.

Dram shop laws prohibit the sale of alcohol to anyone who is under the age of 21, who has “notoriously intemperate habits,” or who is already intoxicated at the time they attempt to purchase additional alcohol.

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