What are the different types of product liability?

Consumers rely on companies to make products that are safe for public use and won’t cause any harm to the people who use them. Unfortunately, when a member of the team it takes to get the product from an idea to the consumer is negligent, tragedy may strike. When a person decides to bring a personal injury lawsuit, they will have to work with their attorney and a team of experts to determine what exactly went wrong and caused the person to become injured. That being said, there are several different types of product defects. The product liability categories are as follows:

  • Design defects: when the individual or team of individuals responsible for designing a product fail to account for safety, the injured party and their attorney will have to prove that there was a safer alternative for the product
  • Manufacturer defects: if the design of a product was completely safe but someone in the manufacturing department deviated from the approved design, a consumer can become injured
  • Failure to warn: Even if a product is designed and manufactured in a completely safe way, there is still a chance that if not used properly, a person can get injured. Therefore, products require sufficient and detailed warnings.


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