Can Retailers Be Sued For Selling Defective Products?

Retailers do not make things themselves, but they are still putting their reputation on the line when they sell products. When you go into a store, you expect that the product you are buying will be safe to use. When defective products cause harm, a retailer should be held accountable just like the manufacturer of the product should. A Washington D.C. defective product lawyer from our firm can help you do that.

What Are the Types of Defective Products?

There are three broad categories of defective products that harm consumers. We have products with:

A design defect: This is a product that has been designed in such a way that it was just going to be unsafe no matter how much care was taken in building it.

A manufacturing defect: In this case, a product was designed well but made poorly. Maybe a part or material changed from the original design, making the end product unsafe to use.

A failure to warn: A product should come with documentation that discloses certain risks of using the product. If you were harmed because you were not warned of certain dangers of using a product, that is still a defective products lawsuit.

How Do We Show That Defective Products Caused Harm?

To prove your case, you need to show a few things. You must show that the product was defective, that you were injured while using the product, and that the injury and defect are connected. You also have to show that you were using the product for its intended purpose. Modifying a product or using it for purposes other than it was manufactured for will often make it difficult to pursue any kind of product liability case.

What Should My Compensation Cover?

When you sue for compensation, you want to get an offer that adequately covers all of the expenses associated with your injury while making up for any psychological trauma you experienced as a result of your accident. You might get an initial offer from an insurance company, but these first offers are usually an insurer’s attempt to get out of a lawsuit for as little money as possible. Our attorneys can help you fight for the compensation you deserve, an offer that makes up for:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Pain from disability or disfigurement
  • Any other pain and suffering stemming from your accident

Do You Need an Attorney to Sue Over Defective Products?

You are not required to hire an attorney when suing for damages, but we recommend having an experienced professional on your side for a few reasons. It can be hard to make a defective products case, and they can get complicated quickly since they can have multiple defendants to pursue for damages. An attorney can help you keep track of everything and fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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