Can I Sue for an Injury Caused by a Defective Product in D.C.?

We live in a country where we’re fortunate enough to have access to a wide range of products, all designed to make our lives easier or more enjoyable. Unfortunately, there are times when we will purchase a product that is simply unsafe for consumer use. That said, if you recently sustained an injury because of a defective product, you may wonder whether you can sue the party responsible for your injuries. Please continue reading and reach out to an experienced Washington, D.C. defective product lawyer to learn more about these lawsuits and how we can help you pursue one. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Am I allowed to sue if I sustained an injury caused by a defective product?

If you were hurt by a defective product and due to no fault of your own, you very likely have a valid lawsuit against the party liable for your injuries. However, determining that party isn’t always as straightforward as you may think. For this reason, it’s paramount you retain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you identify the liable party and, from there, fight for the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled. Fortunately, you’re in the right place.

Who is responsible for my injuries?

Typically, when it comes to product liability lawsuits, one of three parties will be held accountable for a person’s injuries. The three grounds on which you may sue for a defective product injury include failure to warn, defective product design, or negligent product manufacturing. When a product is designed without accounting for consumer safety and a person is injured while simply using the product as intended, they will likely sue on the grounds of a defective product design. If a product was designed safely but manufactured carelessly or intentionally not according to a product’s blueprints to save time or money on resources, the injured party will likely sue on the grounds of negligent manufacturing. Finally, if the product is safe to use when used correctly, but the product lacks certain warnings regarding proper and improper usage of the product, causing a person to misuse it and sustain an injury as a result, then that person likely will sue on the grounds of a failure to warn.

If you have any further questions about product liability claims in Washington D.C. or you’d like to get started working on your claim, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give our Washington D.C. injury attorneys a call today. We’re here to help you through each phase of the personal injury process ahead.


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