Can I Post on Social Media Following a Washington D.C. Accident?

If you have been injured in an accident, there are consequences to posting on social media while you have an ongoing personal injury trial. Any post that you upload on social media may play a role in your personal injury trial and could have negative effect in your defense. Continue reading to learn more about if you should post on social media following a Washington D.C. accident. 

How can posting on social media impact me after an accident? 

Posting on social media can impact you after an accident in many ways. It may come as second nature to update your friends and family after an accident, or simply posting like you normally would, without thinking it could have a negative effect on your claim. However, you may admit some fault on your social pages by detailing any events of your accident. 

Posting about your accident can also risk the loss of confidentiality if you chose to discuss anything that you and your attorney are meant to remain confidential. Simply posting yourself in any physical way online may give the other party an argument that you are exaggerating your pain. 

Referencing how you are doing after an accident such as updating your concerned loved ones that you are “doing well” or that you are “ok” may tip the defense attorney into taking your words for fact. This is possible even if you aren’t referencing your physical well-being. 

Does this affect me if my social media is privatized? 

You may think that if your social media is privatized, you are protected from your posts being brought up in a lawsuit. This is not true. Defense attorneys are able to access your posts even while the accounts are private. They also have additional access to any deleted posts, personal messages, and any other personal information found on your pages.

Should I post on social media at all? 

It would be within your best interest that you refrain from posting on social media until the case is settled. This will avoid the other party attempting to access your accounts to prove that your injury is not as severe as you have stated. If you refrain from posting on your accounts during this process, the other party will have zero access or leverage to disprove your injuries. Going silent on your social pages following the incident is the smartest option to take. 

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