Can I hold my landlord civilly liable for an apartment accident in D.C.?

It is common for tenants to trust that their landlord is maintaining a safe environment and attending to any dangerous conditions that pose a threat to their well-being. However, landlords may neglect to remedy hazardous conditions that could cause catastrophic accidents and injuries. Landlords have a responsibility to preserve safe premises for their tenants and guests. If they fail to do so, they may be held liable for damages. If you or someone you care about has been injured in an apartment accident due to a landlord’s negligence, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Washington, D.C. Premises Liability Lawyer who can help victims seek the justice they deserve. 

What should victims do after being injured in an apartment accident in D.C.?

Victims must gather evidence to fulfill the burden of proof to pursue legal action against a negligent party. In D.C., injured individuals must satisfy the burden of proof to prove their injuries were directly caused by a landlord’s negligence. Victims can gather evidence by:

Seek medical attention 

Injured individuals should seek immediate medical attention by calling 911. An ambulance can then transport a victim to the nearest hospital to be treated by medical professionals. Medical professionals will be able to assess and treat a person’s injuries. Victims must be treated as some injuries have delayed effects and may not be visible. injured individuals need to keep any pertinent medical records that determine the origin and extent of the injuries sustained. Victims should also ask the police for an accident report.

Taking photos and videos of the scene

Victims should try to take photographic proof of the dangerous condition that led to their injuries. Injured individuals should also take video footage of the hazardous area, especially if there was no warning sign displayed. Having photo and video proof that a dangerous condition was left unattended can help a victim prove their injuries were directly caused by negligence.

Asking witnesses for their contact information 

Victims need to ask anyone who witnessed the incident for contact information as they may be able to help with their case later. Witnesses may be able to send you a photo or video proof if they happened to capture the accident. Witnesses can back up your claim against a negligent landlord.

Contacting an experienced Washington D.C. premises liability lawyer 

Retaining the services of a knowledgeable premises liability lawyer is in a victim’s best interest. A dedicated lawyer can help a victim acquire security footage and other relevant evidence that can help prove an injured individual’s injuries were directly caused by negligence. In D.C., landlords owe tenants and guests a duty of care which means they must uphold a safe environment for tenants and guests. Victims must prove that their landlord knew or should have reasonably known about the dangerous condition and failed to fix the issue which directly caused a victim’s injuries to happen.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an apartment accident where you sustained serious injuries due to a landlord’s negligence, reach out to one of our skilled and determined team members. Our firm is dedicated to helping our clients recover economic and non-economic damages. We are committed to helping our clients hold their landlords civilly liable for injuries sustained in an apartment accident. We are ready to fight for you today.