Birth Injuries in Washington D.C.

When two parents are expecting a child, they spend that time preparing for its birth. They do everything they can to give life to a healthy baby. This includes addressing any possible health concerns to the best of their ability. These preparations allow parents to be ready for the birth of their child if they are faced with an unexpected situation. However, birth injuries can still occur if a medical professional does not do their job to the best of their ability.

If a doctor acts negligently during childbirth, it can lead to different types of birth injuries that are present in the child. This can be an extremely difficult time for the parents, especially when they did everything in their power to have a healthy baby. Birth injuries can be classified as medical malpractice, as they were caused by the negligence of a doctor. When this happens, a lawsuit can be filed against the doctor to seek damages on behalf of the baby.

What Injuries Can Be Caused?

When doctors are negligent in delivering a child, birth injuries can happen. This can cause the newborn to be the victim of different types of deformities as a result of their actions. Such injuries can include Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy, facial paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and more. Negligent actions can cause brain damage due to a vacuum extractor misuse and forceps misuse or brachial plexus injuries caused by excessive force when handling a shoulder dystocia. These injuries have the potential to be life-changing for a newborn.

How Do I Hold a Doctor Responsible?

Medical professionals have a lawful obligation to act in the best interest of their patients. This is especially so for newborns. When they fail to provide proper care, doctors may be held responsible for any injuries they cause as a result of their behavior. This is often done by parents on behalf of their child. In order for the parents to have a successful case, they must prove that the doctor acted negligently. This requires them to show the doctor did not live up to the medical standards they are required to follow.

When a parent wishes to pursue a lawsuit, they are required to provide evidence that proves malpractice. This evidence must show the doctor acted negligently when delivering the newborn. They must also prove these injuries were a direct result of the doctor’s negligent behavior. With an experienced attorney, it is possible to receive compensation any expenses that stem from the newborn’s birth injuries as well as financial aid for their future.

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