Apartment Accidents in Washington D.C. | Your Legal Options

Apartment accidents can cause serious injuries. If you were hurt in one, you will need to retain the services of one of our skilled Washington, D.C. personal injury lawyers. Our legal team is committed to ensuring that you receive the compensation you need to heal.

How do apartment accidents occur in Washington D.C.?

Apartment accidents can occur for a number of different reasons, however, the majority of them are a result of a property owner or landlord negligence. If a landlord fails to supply safe living conditions for their tenants, serious accidents and injuries can result. The most common causes of apartment accidents include the following:

  • Failure to ensure stairways are safe
  • Failure to install smoke alarms
  • Unsafe apartment sidewalks
  • Failure to install carbon monoxide detectors
  • Poorly lit parking lots
  • Failure to remove snow or other weather-related hazards

What should I do after an apartment injury?

If you would like to pursue legal action after your accident, it will be your responsibility to gather as much evidence as possible to prove your claim. It is critical to have a plan after you have sustained injuries in an apartment accident. If you are able, be sure to take the following steps while you are at the scene:

  1. Call 911. The police will create a police report. They will also dispatch an ambulance to the scene.
  2. Inform your landlord of the accident.
  3. Gather any witnesses’ contact information.
  4. Take pictures and videos of the scene of the accident and the unsafe conditions that caused your accident.
  5. Reach out to our firm today and retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney who will work to help you fulfill the burden of proof to obtain the compensation you need to recover.

What is the statute of limitations in Washington D.C.?

It is important to recognize that personal injury claims are time-sensitive. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Washington D.C. is typically three years. This suggests that you will have three years from the date of your accident to pursue legal action against your negligent landlord. If you wait longer than the allocated time to take legal action, you may be unable to pursue this claim entirely. That is why the sooner you take legal action, the better. Contact our skilled personal injury attorney to begin your case. Our legal team will be sure that you meet each of your claim’s important deadlines.


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