Third Party Workers Compensation Cases in Washington D.C.

When an individual in Washington D.C. is injured on the job, they may be curious as to what their legal options are. In some cases, a worker may have to bring a lawsuit against a third party because their negligence caused the worker to become injured. A few examples of an employee that may need to bring a lawsuit against a third party include the following:

  • If a worker was injured in an office building because the landlord of the building knew or should have reasonably known about a hazard and did not fix it in a timely manner
  • If a construction worker was injured on a construction site as a result of defective safety equipment, the injured party may have to bring a product liability case against the manufacturer of the defective product

It is important for an injured party to be aware that if they do have to bring a lawsuit against a third party, the matter may be somewhat complex. If the worker received workers’ compensation as well as damages from the third party, they may be required to pay back the insurance company for support that was provided.

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