Success Stories

Below are examples of some cases our firm has handled, that resulted in jury verdicts, binding arbitration awards or other successful conclusions following alternative dispute resolution. Because no two cases are identical, past success does not mean that the same result can be achieved in a similar case in the future. If you have a case that you would like to discuss with us, you may call or email us to arrange for a free consultation regarding your case. We only represent plaintiffs and we do so strictly on a contingency fee basis.


Motorcycle Accident

Arbitration award for Virginia man who sustained varied soft tissue injuries in a D.C. motorcycle accident.


Auto Accident

Jury verdict on behalf of a woman in Washington, D.C. who was a passenger in a cab that was hit by a Metro Bus.


  • The family of a jogger who was killed as the result of a multi-car collision in Washington, D.C. This was a highly contested case requiring accident reconstruction experts.
  • For a 50-year-old pedestrian who sustained neck and back injuries requiring surgery after he was struck by a negligent Uber driver in Washington, DC.
  • For a Montgomery County special ed. teacher who sustained injuries resulting in a flare-up of her complex regional pain syndrome condition as a result of an auto accident in Bethesda, MD.
  • Confidential Settlement on behalf of a man who fell at a Washington, D.C. professional sports venue on account of unsafe premises.
  • On behalf of a D.C. man who slipped and fell on an icy area of his apartment complex, fracturing his left leg.
  • On behalf of a Maryland man who sustained multiple injuries, including fractures of both forearms, when he rode a bicycle over a defective sidewalk that had recently been the subject of a construction project in Montgomery County, MD.
  • Settlement on behalf of a federal employee who fractured her hip after falling on a common area of her D.C. apartment complex, where the owner/management company had failed to remove longstanding algae from outdoor carpeting that became extremely slippery when wet.
  • For a woman who sustained injuries when her wheelchair fell off of a malfunctioning lift on a transport van.
  • On behalf of a hospital fundraiser, living in D.C., who sustained a traumatic brain injury while skiing in Vermont, when she was run into by another skier who was skiing in a reckless manner. A lawsuit was successfully pursued against that skier in the U.S District Court in Burlington, VT.
  • Our client, an Illinois resident who was visiting D.C. on a business trip, sustained a serious leg fracture with complications in an accident while riding a Segway as part of a tour group. After litigation in federal court,  where we contended that the tour should not have been conducted in the rain on account of Segways losing traction in wet conditions, the parties reached an amicable resolution of the case.


  • $390,000 on behalf of a young man in Washington, D.C. who suffered gastroenterological problems due to food poisoning from inadequate food safety procedures.
  • OVER $300,000 on behalf of a Washington, D.C. woman who sustained a shoulder injury when she fell on a recently washed floor, after exiting an elevator.
  • $275,000 on behalf of a woman who contracted an infection in a Maryland nail salon.
  • $260,000 on behalf of a woman who was injured in a trip and fall case in Maryland due to poor lighting in a parking garage.
  • OVER $250,000 for a Maryland woman who had concussive symptoms after she fell over a “car stopper” in a hotel parking lot
  • $250,000 on behalf of a tourist who sustained a serious wrist fracture when she fell on an inadequately maintained Washington, D.C. sidewalk.
  • $250,000 on behalf of a tourist who fell and fractured his hip while crossing Constitution Avenue in downtown D.C. as a result of defects in the crosswalk.
  • $250,000 on behalf of a young man in a products liability case who suffered an eye injury due to a defective bungee cord.
  • $250,000 on behalf of a man who was wrongfully assaulted in Washington, D.C. by the District of Columbia Police.
  • OVER $245,000 on behalf of a tenant in a premises liability case who sustained a fractured leg after falling over an unmarked fence stump at a large apartment complex in Washington, D.C.
  • $235,000 for a Maryland resident who sustained a shoulder injury when she fell in a public alley that the D.C. Government had allowed to fall into disrepair.
  • $230,000 for an elderly D.C. resident who sustained injuries as a result of falling on a defective sidewalk owned and maintained by the District of Columbia.
  • $230,000 on behalf of a young man in a defective building maintenance case who was injured at an apartment complex in Maryland when a balcony railing unexpectedly malfunctioned.
  • $200,000 settlement of a Federal Tort Claim on behalf of a 46-year-old woman who fell on a defective sidewalk owned by the U.S. Government, sustaining an ankle fracture.
  • OVER $200,000 on behalf of a man who was injured in a workplace fall in Washington, D.C.
  • OVER $175,000 on behalf of a woman who was injured in an escalator malfunction case in Washington, D.C. when a building escalator unexpectedly and abruptly stopped.
  • OVER $160,000 for a federal employee who sustained soft tissue injuries when she was struck by a poorly secured overhead storage unit in her office at work.
  • OVER $160,000 for a Maryland woman who sustained injuries when she fell in a chain store that lacked adequate floor mats in a wet area.
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