Pedestrian Accidents in Washington, D.C. | What You Should Know

Thanks to a wealth of options in terms of transportation and housing, most people who live and work in our nation’s capital rely on their own two feet to get them anywhere they need to go. That is because pedestrians have access to so much in such a relatively small geographical location as well as the heavy congestion and unreliability of other transportation options. Nonetheless, accidents do still happen and they can be quite devastating for the victims. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in an accident and are now saddled with physical, financial and/or emotional burdens, please read on, then contact an experienced Washington, D.C. pedestrian accident lawyer to learn what you should know about pedestrian accidents in Washington, D.C.

What are the leading causes of pedestrian accidents in Washington, D.C.?

The causes of pedestrian accidents are many and varied, but some of the most common are as follows:

  • Incorrect perception of risk: Drivers do not often take pedestrian safety into consideration when they engage in unsafe driving behaviors. Familiarity with travel routes, alcohol and cell phone usage impairs a driver’s ability to recognize the risk of colliding with a pedestrian.
  • Vehicle speed: When drivers speed, that reduces the time they have to react. Even in the absence of other conditions, speeding can lead to devastating injuries.
  • Traffic volume: The greater the number of vehicles on the road and pedestrians in the street, such as happens in the spring and summer, the higher the risk for collision.
  • Vehicle type: The biggest the vehicle, the longer it takes to fully stop and the greater the damage it inflicts on pedestrians.
  • Distracted driving: Failing to check blind spots, running red lights and other dangerous actions can lead drivers to hit pedestrians.
  • The physical environment: Inadequate crossing devices, lack of midblock crosswalks, road width, poor timing, poor sidewalk conditions, absence of sidewalks and limited sidewalk capacity – all can result in pedestrians sustaining debilitating injuries.

No matter who hit you, when they hit you, what injuries you incurred or how you incurred them, you should reach out to one of our skilled Washington, D.C. motor vehicle accident attorneys to discuss your next steps. He or she will fight to make sure all of the negligent parties – individual, corporate and municipal – are held accountable for their dangerous conduct and forced to pay you the compensation you deserve. Do not go it alone. Please give us a call today.


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