Airbnb Accident in Washington, D.C. | Who is Responsible?

With spring and summer fast approaching, many of us will be traveling to visit friends and family in other parts of the country. Some might try to find an alternative to expensive hotels and rent an Airbnb. However, you should know that just because it is someone else’s home does not mean that it is without its perils for others. You can still sustain all manner of serious injuries. If this has already happened to you, please read on, then contact an experienced Washington D.C. premises liability lawyer to learn who you can hold responsible for an Airbnb accident in Washington, D.C.

Who can you sue for an Airbnb accident in Washington, D.C.?

The Host Protection Insurance from Airbnb more or less provides those who have sustained certain injuries on the premises of an Airbnb with up to $1 million in liability coverage. As such, you can sue Airbnb’s insurance policy for the cost of your medical bills, lost wages and more if you sustain injuries in an Airbnb accident. Nonetheless, if the $1 million of liability coverage does not cover the extent of the damages you sustained, you should reach out to one of our skilled Washington, D.C. personal injury lawyers to discuss your next steps.

What does Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance cover?

Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance covers the host’s legal responsibilities for the following:

  • Certain bodily injuries to guests
  • Damage to property belonging to guests
  • Damage to areas such as building lobbies and/or neighboring properties

Conversely, it does not cover the following injuries:

  • Those sustained in intentional acts, such as fights
  • Those sustained due to property issues, i.e. asbestos and the like
  • Auto accident injuries sustained on the premises

How can a Washington, D.C. personal injury attorney help you after an Airbnb accident?

Even the most blatantly negligent defendants are not likely to willingly admit to negligence or wrongdoing and hand over the compensation they owe to their victims. They and their attorneys will impugn your character and credibility at every turn. A qualified Washington, D.C. personal injury attorney will fight to protect your rights as a victim of another person’s misconduct, as well as provide guidance and honest assessments of your case. The defendants may misconstrue any number of seemingly innocuous actions on your part so as to reduce or eliminate the damages you receive. Do not go it alone. Please give us a call today.


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