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The spinal cord is actually a part of the central nervous system, along with the brain. It carries signals from the brain to all parts of the body to move and function. It is protected by the spine itself. But in an accident, the discs of the spine often bruise and damage the spinal cord and cause long-term or permanent disability. Contact a Washington, D.C., spinal cord injury attorney.

Auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, falls from scaffolds and other construction site injuries, and acts of violence happen mostly to young men. Men in the prime of life suddenly lose the strength and abilities they were proud of.

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The location of the injury along the spine is crucial to its impact. Generally the higher on the spine, the greater the damage, as signals from the brain can no longer reach below that point. Spinal discs are numbered; for example, injury at C-4 is high up on the neck, and very damaging.

Care for Those Injured

If paraplegia or quadriplegia result from the accident, paralysis of much of the body is the effect. Major changes to lifestyle are obviously necessary. In addition to funds for medical care, surgery, etc., the person will need accommodations to his or her home and vehicle if he or she can use one. Nursing care will also be needed.

Our Goal For Long-Term Injury Victims

The Maryland paralysis lawyers at Trombly & Singer understand what you have suffered and the urgency of obtaining the funds for treatment and care. With long-term or permanent injury we must consult health care providers, life-care planners, vocational experts and economists to arrive at a dollar figure necessary.

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