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There are many examples of poor medical care that can result in serious injury to a baby. If an obstetrician fails to recognize signs of fetal distress during labor, fails to take the appropriate steps when shoulder dystocia occurs during delivery, or uses forceps or a vacuum improperly during delivery, the results can be tragic. The child frequently suffers injury, and often the mother suffers neurological injury or even death during delivery.

Washington D.C. Negligent Physician Lawyer

When such injuries occur, the law requires that the negligent physician be held responsible for the damage that his or her poor medical care caused. At Schultz and Trombly PLLC, our attorneys work hard to obtain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other costs resulting from negligence resulting in birth injuries. (For more information about Birth Injuries, please visit What You Need to Know About Birth Injuries.)

Other conditions that often result from poor medical care are cerebral palsy and Erbs palsy. The medical malpractice lawyers and staff of Schultz and Trombly, PLLC, come to the aid of people who have seen their children suffer from these and other conditions.

Our Qualifications In Medical Malpractice Claims

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing Washington, DC and Maryland clients who have been wronged by medical professionals. Over the past 30 years, our firm’s partners have prosecuted many cases against obstetricians whose negligence regarding signs of fetal distress during labor resulted in infant brain injury and cerebral palsy, obstetricians whose negligence regarding GBS infections resulted in infant brain injury and death, and ER physicians and HMOs whose negligence regarding evolving strokes resulted in brain injury and total disability.

Our lawyers work with clients who have brain injury at birth claims in Washington, D.C., Baltimore City, throughout Maryland including Prince George’s County, and, with the assistance of local counsel, in Virginia and other jurisdictions. Contact us to set up a free initial consultation with one of our firm’s attorneys.