Record Setting verdict of $8.35M obtained in D.C. Superior Court

Trombly & Singer is pleased to report that on June 15, 2017, we obtained a jury verdict of $8,350,000.00 in D.C. Superior Court in the case of Robinson v. Azer, 2015 CA 008980 M. The case arose out of our client’s medical treatment in 2013. After going through physical therapy and injections for several years […]

Study: Pedestrian Collisions in D.C.

Thanks to careful city planning and accessible public transit, Washington D.C. is considered to be one of the most walkable cities in the United States.  However, as the most vulnerable road users,  the simple act of walking puts pedestrians in harm’s way.  In the District, pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles nearly three times every […]

Car Insurance Basics

Car Insurance Basics Do not be swayed by commercials or cheap rates when buying your auto insurance! Yes, companies like State Farm and Nationwide make some funny commercials.  Actually, they make a lot of them.  But have you ever thought about how expensive these ads must be after you factor in how much the writers […]

Metro Safety Issues

Important New Case on Pedestrian Safety: Metro is responsible to keep its floors dry for its guests In April of this year, the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled on an important case regarding the safety of pedestrians.  A D.C. Superior Court judge had ruled that Metro could not be held responsible when a customer slipped […]

Inattentive Drivers

What To Do After An Auto Accident Over the years, we have successfully represented hundreds of victims of car, truck, and bicycle collisions in the District of Columbia, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and throughout the rest of the Metro DC area.  A common issue in all of these cases is that our clients were […]

Inadequately Maintained Sidewalks

Inadequately Maintained Sidewalks: The Danger of Unmarked Pedestrian Hazards As you may know, we have represented a number of families who have seen a loved one injured in a trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall incident.  These types of cases can be very serious as the falls typically occur in a split-second when the victim has no opportunity […]

The GM Recall and Trial Lawyers

How GM’s Deadly Ignition Switch Came to Light Highlights the Importance of the Civil Justice System General Motors has been making headlines recently, and new CEO Mary Barra undoubtedly wishes that weren’t the case. Early this April, she was called before committee hearings in both chambers of Congress, and pressed to explain why the automaker […]

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured Drivers Raise Costs, Risks for Law-Abiding Drivers In every state except New Hampshire, drivers are required to carry liability insurance. It’s generally a crime to drive without state-required liability insurance, yet about one in every seven motorists on the nation’s highways lacks this supposedly compulsory insurance. Non-compliance levels vary widely among states: a 2011 […]

An Added Nursing Home Hazard

The Fine Print in Nursing Home Contracts Deciding on a nursing home for a relative can be a tremendously difficult decision for a family, and a little-publicized but growing legal tactic by many nursing home operators can make it even more hazardous to those put in their care. A recent Washington Post article turned the […]